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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 3, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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the polls closed about two hours ago. now the ballots are being counted and we're getting some early results from some of the hotly contested issues. >> let's get right to our election results. at the top of tonight's list is proposition f in san francisco. it would put new restrictions on short term rentals. so far, the no side has the early lied tonight. but this habaneroing -- has been narrowing in the past hour. >> it appears sheriff mirkarimi could be out of a job. vicki hennessy has an early lead, and it's been holding ever since.
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mirkarimi has been in the spotlight after an illegal immigrant with a criminal record and a history of deportation was freed from jail instead of being turned over to immigration. that man was later arrested for the murder of kate steinle. should win reelection in a landslide, he had no major opposition, and ran a low-key campaign. we caught up with the mayor a short time ago and talked about his plans for the next four years. >> what's your priority for the second term? >> a very strong eye toward public safety. housing and homelessness are the two top priorities i'll be spending a lot of time on. >> there are several races making headlines tonight. first, to ohio where voters rejected a statewide proposal that would have legalized
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marijuana for both medical and recreational use. in the end, the vote wasn't even close. ohio's approach been considered unique for combining in the same ballot. tonight, a republican won the office with 55% of the vote. matt beven describes himself as a conservative christian. he had defended counter clerk kim davis. democrat jack conway was the state attorney general, and did not appeal the judge's order, recognizing those ordinance. in houston, texas, failed at the ballot box. it had been a focus of 0 contentious battle over the past year, including accusations of religious intolerance on one side, and demonization of the lgbt
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community on the other. >> it san francisco's south of market neighborhood, vicki hennessy is gathered with supporters. hennessey heeds ross mirkarimi in the latest results. if this continues, she is going to prevent incumbent from serving a second term. >> reporter: we have a lotted of people here. we're at don ramon's. this is where vicki hennessy is holding a party for her supporters. we've seen a number of well known democrats here, including willy brown, ed lee. we saw hennessey greet a number of supporters, including from various commissions. here live with me is vicki hennessy. good evening, what is your reaction to this? >> my reaction is that i still
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can't believe it really. i'm just waiting. i'm known as being somewhat understated and i'd like to wait until the ink is dry, until i can say yes i believe it. >> what do you think is the key in this race. >> i think there were some missteps by the current sheriff. i think that the lack of communication is one of the issues. i think not understanding how to lead a department of 900 people is something that is hard to learn on the job immediately when you become the sheriff, when you haven't had that experience. and i think that i do have all that experience. >> reporter: what do you think is going to be your priority. what's your vision as sheriff. >> my vision is to have a department with well trained professional, hue many, and dedicated staff, both deputy sheriffs and dedicated public
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servants. that's my vision overall. to assure the department communicates with everyone. that our department, who can agree to disagree when necessary. that we're a public that works with others to find solutions that affect everyone in the city. and a department that is serving the people. >> reporter: thank you very much. vicki hennessy. it's been a rough four years for incumbent sheriff ross mirkarimi. starting early on, he started his term domestic allegations involving his wife. and earlier tonight i spoke with him outside his campaign office in the mission. >> i've run three times, i've won three times. but i know this is an uphill fight in many ways. we're running a strong campaign. i'm really one of the last of the elected of my kind.
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what would you do in the event you don't win? what are your plans? >> i'll let you know when i'm are ready to let you know. >> reporter: you're looking at a live picture of vicki hennessy's party. we've seen 150 people here coming and going, and people are ecstatic. i've seen police captains here. i've seen elected officials here. it looks like she's headed for victory. like hennessey said herself, she's cautious. she's going to wait until the final results are in. back to you. >> amber, thank you. >> now to san francisco's prop f. that's the battle over new restrictions on short term rentals. right now, this race is still a little too close to call. the no side remains in the lead, that's the side backed by air bnb. the no campaign is holding a
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party at the oasis nightclub tonight. >> reporter: frank, they certainly are not calling this one. but the energy here is definitely up. take a look at this crowd. speaking right now. prop f if it passes would overterm regulations of short term rentals. he is here, talking to the crowd. you look at the crowd, a lot of the people here are volunteers who were working tonight to get out the vote. polls close at 8:00. many people -- $8 million to this effort. most people here are happy to see the initial numbers going in their favor. >> prop f was a directed tax on these middle class home sharers who are using short term rentals to stay in san francisco. so they took it personally, and
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rightfully defended themself by becoming devoted in the campaign. >> reporter: we spoke to voters on both issues who say prop f was the main reason they decided to come out and vote today. >> true san franciscans have been doing that for years. >> i voted yes on f, because air bnb needs to be regulated in an enforceable way. >> they need to be regulated the same way uber needs to be regulated. it's an excuse to find loopholes in the law. >> reporter: the yes on f
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supporters gathered where aaron heskin has his party. >> it has been really grassroots. it has been going door-to-door explaining a lot. it's something we really believe in. >> reporter: back here live at the no on f campaign party. they say they're going to be here until midnight looking at those results, again, a little bit too chose to call, but definitely a lot of celebration here about a campaign they feel is well fought. >> we'll keep updating the numbers throughout this newscast. san francisco voters are deciding several ballot measures involving housing and development. prop a is a bond measure. the money would be used to build affordable housing. right now, it is leading. here's a look at the latest numbers for you. the yes camp, 72%. the noes with 28%. it needs votes from a 2/3
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majority to pass. this is prop b, by the san francisco giants for a mixed use development next to at&t park. the yes camp with a big lead here. 7 #%, no 27%. this is prop d again for the mixed use development near at&t park. prop i is the hotly debated effort that places a moratorium on condos in the mission. right now, no leads here with 60%. the yes, with 40%. mission district housing suspension. this would mean no moratorium for this one. next up, prop j. legacy businesses that have operated in the city more than 20 years. right now, it's ahead, but really too close to call the latest numbers show 54% yes winning to the no's 46%. lastly, we want to give you a look at prop k. it would allow
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affordable housing. it looks like prop k is supported with 72%. we're also posting them at you can look for the story right on the front page. now to the south bay. today the san jose police officer's union says it's joining a boycott of quentin tarantino's new movie, it's hateful 8. all of this stand from what tarantino said during an anti-police rally. police say his comments were ignorant, and hateful. tarantino says he's being singled out. >> reporter: today, their police officers association became the latest to call for a boycott of the hateful 8. >> i think it should mean that we stand together in regards to
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law enforcement, and hopefully law enforcement with their community saying enough is enough. >> reporter: the plan, boycott the movie, and condemn the message quentin tarantino said. >> when i see murder, i cannot stand by, and i have to call the murdered the murdered, and i have to call the murderers, the murdererrers. >> police organizations say he was equating officers with murderers. >> the hateful, shameful ignorant comments are unnecessary. >> reporter: in a statement, tarantino responded to the controversy saying all cops are not murderers. i never said that. i never even implied that. he goes on to say, instead of extraing the problem of police brutality, he's being singled out. the san francisco poa says it's not the issue.
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it's about the impact those words have. >> it creates violence, and could create violence on the street for police officers. >> reporter: in a year, when san jose police lost an officer too. the san jose poa joins new york, l.a., chicago, and philadelphia among others in boycotting the movie. the hateful 8 is set to open in limited release on christmas day. in san francisco, ann reuben, ktvu, fox 2 news. a $125 million gift. the wind fall for a bay area nonprofit and the mystery behind. >> look for some frost and some fog in some locations. i'll let you know which areas could see the most of it, and when things will warm up for wednesday. >> first, a delay in plans to implode part of the old bay bridge.
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plans to implode part of the eastern span are now on hold another week. the delay involving the plastic wrap around the explosive charges. experts worry the material wasn't strong enough to avoid ripping. >> reporter: last saturday, caltran consultants conducted a real, but small scale test on
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what will now come on the 14th of november. it will help lessoned shock of the implosion of the pier that once held up the eastern span of the bay bridge. 25 to 35-pounds each. it will take just six seconds to bring the massive five story structure down. a wide range of officials decided that the alternative, four years of mechanical pounding to do the same thing would be far harsher on the environment. >> they weighed the alternatives and decided that the implosion was the better of the two alternatives. it is not perfect. >> ground zero for environmental protection, not only in the u.s., but in the world. >> reporter: the insufficiently wrapped charges that caltrans rejected must be placed soon. >> in november, there will be
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no salmon runs. in november, the herring aren't around. >> reporter: active deterrent devices will scare blasts away from the zone. passive devices will ward off salmon, dolphins, and whales. but if any show up, the implosion will be delayed. >> why is that important? because many of the still remaining older piers could be demolished in the very same way. tom vacar, ktvu, fox 2 news. now to santa clara county, where flames moved quickly through a mobile home. firefighters managed to keep it's fire from spreading to other homes at colonial mobile man or. but the one home was a total loss. the fire broke out about 30:00 this afternoon, and was knocked
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down in about an hour. no word on what caused it. firefighters evacuated a dmv office in oakland late this afternoon, after someone set off some pepper spray. about 60 people were inside at the time. the dmv offices on 85th avenue. witnesses say people in the building were coughing, but everyone seemed fine once they got outside. the golden state warriors are now one step closer to moving across the bay, as ktvu's tara morararti reports, they have unanimously approved the environmental impact report for a new arena in mission bay. >> the warriors called memphis up last night. did y'all see that game? >> reporter: san francisco fans wants their team on this side of the bay. >> our best opportunity in history to have a world class arena is now. >> reporter: so do labor groups, local restaurant owners, even babies. now it looks like they'll all get their wish. the office of community
10:19 pm
investment voted unanimously to approve the project, sawing the new multiuse arena did not violate state environmental law. >> an essential step in our dream of bringing the warriors back to san francisco. >> reporter: but not everyone was cheering. >> it's not consistent with the land use plan. >> reporter: susan is part of the mission bay alliance, which believes it should be built somewhere else. >> that whole area is set up in a walkable urban area, promoting biotech uses. it's set up for a very different kind of use that is going to be compromised by this project. >> reporter: the arena, which would be built near the ucsf medical center has united concerns over traffic, as well as emergency access. the commission says it's warriors had worked hard to alleviate that problem and was lured by parents who shared
10:20 pm
sports memories with children. >> musical performances, family shows. we're going to be creating generations of memories for san franciscans. >> reporter: the mission bay alliance says it plans to a30 peel the decision to the board of supervisors. if they decide to give project the green light, the alliance could dodd to file a lawsuit. >> warriors win by 50. >> reporter: in san francisco, ktvu, fox 2 news. back in a cold night out there tonight. it's going to be chilly. it was cold last night. it's going to be colder tonight. we've already got temperatures in the 40s. we're going to see upper 0s and some frost. a nice looking shot. relatively light winds. that's the tribune building, but clear skies. the clear skies are going to allow the warmth from the bay to radiate into space. clear skies along the coast. clear skies overhead. temperature right now, 47 in
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napa. 44 walnut creek. 45 in fairfield right now. the north bay in the low 40s. you're going to have some fog formation, and certainly some frost. 4degrees cooler in fairfield. so a cooler night tonight. that yields temperatures like these 49 in napa. 43 in fairfield high. san francisco, downtown, you go 63 degrees. a cold start at 51. 63 for the high. a small puppy abandoned. the search for clues about a chihuahua found in a dumpster with two broken legs. >> not everyone thinks the 49ers should be benching their struggling quarterback. up next, the big name defending
10:22 pm
colin kaepernick. >> tonight there is word --
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there is a startling report out of illinois tonight. we are learning that the highly publicized shooting of a police officer was actually a suicide. the officer in suburban fox lake had radioed in he was being chased by three men on foot. a massive manhunt followed, but nothing was ever found. now there is a news conference scheduled for tomorrow, where authorities are expected to say that 52-year-old lieutenant charles gliniewicz died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. no word though about why he did it. here at home, some people are calling it unfair, while others are ready to give a new guy a shot. people are talking about the decision to bench the 49ers
10:25 pm
quarterback colin kaepernick. joining us live in santa clara with what they're saying. >> reporter: julie, when the 4- 9ders take on it's atlanta falcons on sunday, there will be a new starting quarterback. which means, as you said, colin kaepernick will be riding the bench. >> colin kaepernick. >> reporter: for three years now, colin kaepernick has been the starting quarterback of the san francisco 49ers. he took over the job from an injured alex smith. since then there was never any looking back, until now. this week, the 49ers move in a another direction. >> too soon to bench him. you've got to let him work. >> i have mixed feelings about it. i think he's a strong quarterback. but he's not getting the job done. >> reporter: in 2012, kaepernick led the team to the
10:26 pm
nfc championship game, and the super bowl the next year. but this year, the 49ers are in last place in the west with a 2- 6 record. >> the first year he started off good. you would expect him to, i think get better every year. it just kinds of seems he's stood the same or gotten worse, actually. >> there's open receivers, or open players that he's not seeing. even the open guy in front of him. >> reporter: some say to blame kaepernick is unfair. this year, there's a new head coach, and many veteran players were traded, or didn't return. deon sanders sead the gm and owner should have to play qb one game a piece for what they've done to the 49ers did to the organization. >> they need to get a team.
10:27 pm
give it some time in the pocket. i think they're scared to let him run. let that guy run to the hole. >> it could be the offensive coordinator. they're all new. it's a team effort. so who knows, you know? i don't think there should be any finger pointing just at cappy though. no matter how you feel about kaepernick, we'll find out on sunday, that game is watched here on fox 2 at 1:05. ktvu, fox 2 news. in santa rosa, authorities are looking for the person who threw an injured chihuahua puppy into a dumpster. this is a picture of the little puppy. you can see that she has two broken front legs. she was found in a dumpster in a parking lot at santa rosa union -- junior college. anyone who knows anything about who dumped her in that dumpster should call campus police.
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back now to election coverage, the race for supervisor in district 3 is an interesting contest tonight. a tough challenger in aaron peskin. the latest numbers showing peskin in the lead there. should he win, it would mean another progress vote. san francisco's city hall, that's where the ballots are being counted right now.
10:31 pm
heather holmes is there where the work to count the votes is underway. >> reporter: frank, and julie, this is your election results central. i've been here to the basement of city hall before to vote, but i've never witnessed the process. as i mentioned, this is where all of the ballots come. i want you to take a look behind me. this is what's happening right now. first of all, the envelopes are opened by a machine that you see there on the right. there's two ladies there, the ballots are removed from those envelopes. over on the left side, that's where they're making sure the ballots are prepared for the next machine. the machine that's going to count them properly. they all need to be straightened out, then there's organized by precincts.
10:32 pm
every signature is scanned and checked. it is a process. the city brought in more than 30 people for this election. a few of them are on break right now. so far, 66,000 vote by mail ballots have been count. >> we've got 12,000 ballots in the mail today. we'll try to get those processed through the night, and release those tomorrow at 4:00 in the afternoon. we still have more than 1,000 ballots cast here at the voting center. more than 1,000 ballots dropped off, outside city hall. then there will probably be 25 to 30, 30,000 ballots dropped off at voting places. >> reporter: that's just mail in ballots. 60% of voters used a mail in ballot during this election and
10:33 pm
also put voter turnout at 32%. earlier we spoke with a newly reelected mayor ed lee about his plans for the next four years. >> i will again work as hard as i ever had for this city, because i love everybody neighborhood and i want to make sure that we strengthen them, build the housing that we did for the future. a lot of people want to move here. we have good jobs. we have a good situation, and i want to be successful for as many people, middle class as well as lower income. >> reporter: the housing crisis, a real motivator in this election. these workers will be here through the night. another batch of mail in ballots is expected to arrive around midnight. so frank, a lot more work to be done here. >> you bet. several bay area cities are asking to help pay for
10:34 pm
essential services in hercules it would help prevent cuts to police services, improve roads, and fund youth and senior programs. right now, it's winning in a big way. 75% yes to 25% no. in novato, measure c would reduce the rate from a half cent to a quarter cent. is it winning by a large margin. 74% to 26%. [ no audio ]
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she says it was the effects of louis body dementia, which wasn't confirmed until his autopsy. it manifested many different symptoms including crippling anxiety attacks, severe pain and delusions. susan williams compared it to chemical warfare going on in his brain. racial discrimination is being alleged by travelers who say they were kicked off the plane because they're black. witnesses say the problem started when a white flight attendant accused a black passenger of being unruly after his seat was double booked. eventual, police escorted that man and his girlfriend offer the plane. then five more passengers were kicked off when they protested the man's treatment. >> i'm really humiliated due to the simple fact that you hear about this type of stuff happening in america. discrimination issues, but to
10:41 pm
actually experience it first hand. >> spirit airline says the passengers were being disruptive. the airline says it will investigate the incident. a man is in jail accused of breaking into a pharmacy in el cerrito with a hatchet. it happened at the walgreens on san pablo monday morning. investigators say edward baron smashed the pharmacy door and then ingested a sizable amount of pharmaceutical drugs. he later locked himself inside a bathroom, and eventually was taken into custody by police. kansas city has waited 25 years for this. in sports, it's royals world series championship parade, and a half million happy fans who showed up for it. >> chief meteorologist bill martin tracking another chance of wet weather. he's back with your full forecast. >> in the end, it was a little bit more than $125 million. >> a huge donation for a bay
10:42 pm
area nonprofit. the man behind the money and how it came is a complete surprise. it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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♪[ music ] new at 10:00, a $125 million donation for a bay area nonprofit that often scrambles for funding. lighthouse for the blind says it's a windfall they'll use to change lives. the money was a complete surprise to this organization. >> reporter: that's right, it was. also a start of a mystery that took them to washington state and to a man who could have benefited from the very services his gift will now provide to others. for 113 years, lighthouse has helped the blind and visually impaired to become more self- reliant. the executive directer uses the latest technology to read aloud hiemails. >> i've got a lot of emails to
10:45 pm
answer. i don't have time to wait. >> reporter: one message in particular caught his attention. >> i just had the sense that this might be a little different than others. >> reporter: that led to the kind of request that will forever change lighthouse. >> the bonds and the cash and the buildings to all be tallied. in the end, it was a little bit more than $125 million. >> reporter: it was a posthumous gift from donald cerken. he died never having set foot in. among the gifts to lighthouse, his seattle home. that is where he began to unravel the mystery. the search revealed clues that cirkin himself was losing his vision. >> in the house, we saw giant magnifiers, huge light boxes. dozens of books on strange
10:46 pm
cures for blindness. enormous plasma monitors in the kitchen. >> reporter: they had use the money to build a new state of the art headquarters on market street. >> the lighthouse is hoping this tremendous gift isn't the end of the story. instead, they're hoping this is just the beginning. >> we want to encourage people who have some means in the bay area and beyond, to think about what all that money is for anyway, and why not donate it to a cause that they think is valuable. >> reporter: cirke n's daughter is disputing the will, but by all accounts, lighthouse will almost certainly get to keep the majority of that $125 million. >> it's a good thing they didn't miss that email. thank you. a little warmer today. plenty of sunshine. cold start this morning. cold start again tomorrow morning. these were the highs that we achieved today. you know, some of these places are down 20 degrees from where
10:47 pm
they were a week ago. remember, it was warm? hot in some places a week add. 62 in pacifica. highs tomorrow just like these. about the same. pointed out the flag on the tribune building, but you can see it. i can see it, right? just hanging straight down there. light winds. with the light winds what you're going to get is very cold nights. very reminiscent of winter. a little rain goes through. the nights get cool. the sky is clear. and you get these increased dew points, wet ground, and you get fog. valley fog back in the forecast. cold overnight lows back in the forecast. as you look at some of these numbers, in napa, it's 47. i can assure you some spots in this area, east, santa rosa. you're going to find numbers tomorrow morning that are going to be well below 40 degrees. you can get frost at 42 degrees easy. even a little warmer now. frost early in some areas.
10:48 pm
patchy fog in others. jackets will be needed. anything before 8:00, 9:00, you're going to need a jacket. oakland tomorrow goes 67 degrees for a daytime high. today was slightly warmer. san jose gets up to 67 too. the air quality is unreal. great air. no fog along the coast. mostly sunny skies, and we continue in this pattern, really for the next few days, as we head into the end of the week here, with high pressure pretty much owning. a slight breeze out of the northeast later on this week. low temperatures 60s and 70s like these. 70 in vacaville. these are wednesday numbers. thursday numbers will be slittedly warmer. friday numbers about the same. we're going to see lots of 60s and 70s. perfect fall weather. looks like it will show up late. late on sunday, clouds increase. monday and tuesday, it looks
10:49 pm
like a couple of model runs, suggesting a return to wet weather next week. in the meantime, enjoy the week ahead. it's going to be real nice with temperatures gradually warming. the rain we had kind of gets us out of that fire danger. it's never over until it's over, but it's a good sign. we got all of that rain. >> another round. bill, thank you. mark's coming up with sports right after this, including a 49ers new running back.
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10:52 pm
mark's here now to tell us about not a good day for the sharks. >> oh, man, i mean, remember when the sharks were like automatic, going to the playoffs, best record in the league? things have changed. no playoffs last year and i don't know, somewhere between the ineptitude of the 49ers and the dominant supremacy of the warriors, we do have the sharks who have shown themselves to be a perfect example of mediocrity. 6 wins, 6 losses. who knows what you're going to get on any given night. tonight, not much. justin brawn, a shot redirected nicely by joe pavelski, and we've got 1-1. 2nd, down 2-1. fields it, ahead to pavelski. that's some nice stick work. take another look at it.
10:53 pm
you'll see just how adepth with that stick pavelski is. about a minute left in the 2nd. columbus, 2 goals in 29 seconds. boone jenner made him pay for it. they add another one shortly after that. the sharks eventually pull jones, get an empty netter late does columbus. 5-2, final, and a victory for columbus. not one of the better teams in the nhl. 49ers turned into a complete dumpster fire, and for all the endless chatter concerning the benching of colin kaepernick, think it through, changing the quarterback is not going to change the plight of this organization at all. there's so many issues, it's going to take years to get back to respectability. kaepernick, just the latest fall guy. although, he's played some of his worst football of his
10:54 pm
career in career. the 49ers unraveling has drawn national attention, deon sanders say the general manager and owner should have to play quarterback one game each for what they've done to the organization. remember the great playoff win a couple of years ago against the saints? dante whitner blasting the saints running back. oh, yeah, that's the guy the 49ers signed today. he agrees to a one year deal with the 9ers. reggie bush a season ending knee surgery. the warriors in search of higher heights. how do you top last year? how do you top last night's 50
10:55 pm
point victory? the lead architect, steph curry, mixing it with the great steve nash. curry, 30 points last night, didn't even play the 4th quarter. the team is 4-0, and seemingly on auto pilot. >> i know how good our guys are. like i said last night, i'm thrilled that we are 4-0. i'm not surprised by it. i'm more relieved by it, but we're playing at a high level, and playing together, we won 67 games last year. we're a tough team to beat. >> last year was our first year in the new system, and we're already so successful at this year, people might not be able to prove but what we. leaps and bounds ahead of where we were at this point last year. looks like we're in playoff form already. >> that is for sure. a year ago, they were crying in their beer over losing game 7 to the giants. today, the kansas city royals are the toast of the town.
10:56 pm
estimated 500,000 people out to honor the royals. a team that really liked like men on a mission from spring training. first world series title for them since '85. johnny gomez was petaluma, a late season acquisition that doesn't make the playoff roster, but he's never short on words. >> y'all want to be politically correct, i'm an un-politically correct person, we whooped their [bleep] >> johnny gomez, that's johnny gomez. >> that long wait is over. mark, thanks. thank you for joining us. it has been a busy election night in san francisco, but the votes have been counted. >> mayor ed lee has been reelected. ross mirkarimi is out. prop f was defeated. >> up next on ktvu, modern family. a beautiful shot of city hall in san francisco.
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jay: one of my best efforts. have at it. mm, i can't eat that. why not? the pickle's touching it. there. the juice got on the bread and, ew, what's that stuff? spices. they look like sea monkeys. have you ever really examined a jar of pickles, jay? it's like a swamp in there. i'll pass. what happened? i made him a beautiful sandwich, and he won't eat it. yeah, 'cause it had pickles on it. joe is taking a nap. i'm gonna go to the dry cleaners. well, if you're passing a sushi restaurant -- she's not. i've never heard of anyone not liking pickles. aw, big day for you, then. i'm just gonna make myself a grilled cheese. i think i saw some gruyere in there. do we have any fig? unh-unh. sit down. this whole persnickety thing is not gonna fly in the world. never hand people another reason to make fun of you. you mean like all the cool kids with their leather jackets and their pickles? well, you're gonna sit there until you at least try a pickle.


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